Finding the Light

On the forbidding ground I lay,

As the trees above me sway.

The clouds above me roar with thunder;

Don’t wake me from my dreamless slumber.


I feel a hurricane is near;

It’s so hard to not feel fear.

Crying winds seep through the valley,

Beneath the trees, I fall to my knees;


I say please to the God I hope is near,

Still no response and I collapse in fear.

Through the darkness of the night,

The crescent moon shone so bright.


The stars above me form a spiral,

The thundering sky no longer viral;

I pushed myself up; said Father please,

Lightning struck the tree and I rose to my feet.


The clouds turned to rain, the blue skies bright as new.

Over my shoulder, a white dove flew.

Firm on my feet now, I knew it had ended;

The darkness within me left unattended.


Three drops of rain and the sun peaked through.

My freedom came, I knew it was true.

My following shadow has since then perished;

Through the blood of the lamb I am greatly cherished.


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