First Impressions

Dear First Impressions,


I didn’t know

That the bully in the hall

Wore his anger in his fist

From a mother who doesn’t exist

From a father who broke his wrist


I didn’t know

That the girl so put together and perfect

Cried in her bed every night

After she tucked her brothers and sisters in bed so tight

Realizing there was no food to feed her appetite


I didn’t know

That the teacher in my class

Who never did anything

Drove four hours every day to visit her only daughter in jail

When the daughter tried to help her mom pay rent, by growing marijuana to sell


I didn’t know

The homeless man on the street

Fought to the tone of gun fire beats

Losing his arms in that song

He had no money, no job, no place to call home


I didn’t know

The neighbor with the pretty yard

Use to work as a lifeguard

Someone drowned on her watch

It seems now she cannot stop hitting the scotch


Now I know

People have their flaws 

People have their glory

There are two sides to every story

This poem is about: 
Our world



I wrote this poem, because I made so many wrong impressions about people. They were impressions based only on the first interaction. I never gave those people the benefit of the doubt. Now, I know that I need to give people a chance, take the time to know them, and learn their stories. 


I wrote this poem, because I have made many wrong impressions about people based on first impressions. I learned that I need to take the time to get to know people and learn their stories. Sometimes, what we see on the outside is not the true individual.