Flawed Perfection

Underneath the makeup that you layer everyday

That thick and waterproof courage that still will wash away


You pass the mirror each evening and shudder at the sight

Then scrub off your second face in the shower every night


Does it make you feel much safer to hide behind that mask?

As if facing all your flaws is too difficult a task


I know your nose curves upward and your eyebrows do not match

And the center of your forehead has a minor acne patch


You think that you're too skinny and you stress about your height

Yes, I've noticed that your left leg is longer than your right


I also see that you lack curves and your eyes are just plain gray

And you worry that your chicken pox scars may never go away


But your beauty isn't measured by the clearness of your skin

It's what's beneath that counts, your worth is found within


So bear your bare face proud and you won't look like a mess

And even if you somehow do, I will love you nonetheless


Please smile when you see me today, and I will smile at you

Though I may look quite different than what you are used to


Who am I, you may want to know, this newfound inspiration

That helped you see beyond your fears and self-proclaimed negation


I'm someone that you always see, but never really saw

I always brought too much despair, nothing but a flaw


I've been with you each day in the bathroom before class

Though until now you never learned to love this girl behind the glass


But I've taught you to love yourself, and I share in the affection

Turns out you can learn a thing or two from the voice of your reflection

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