Flawless because of where I'm from, and where I'm going.


I am from yelling and hitting. 

I am from fear. 
Red, faces with tears that tasted kind of salt.
I am from the father with the lack of one, 
Where all's he wanted to do was to be one. 
I am from "you're wrong, I'm right".
From nails digging in just a little too much.
           From the didn't mean to's 
           To the shouldn't have to's. 
From I love you! 
            To what's wrong with you. 
I am from pills and razors, 
From tear stained cheeks
           To the brightest smile in the room.
I am from pretending to be happy,
          To breaking down trying to explain..
Why I wanted to die. 
I am from depression,
           To anxiety,
           To ptsd,
           To insomnia.
I am from not sleeping most nights, 
           To not wanting to get out of bed.
To the boys who only wanted more,
To the boys who didn't understand the word no. 
I am from have you lost weight? You look good.
To the voice telling me I am not skinny enough.
From I am fat,
From I am worthless, unwanted, and unneeded. 
I am from people who gave up, 
From sick jokes being played, 
To my neighbors not talking to me anymore, 
Because I tried to kill myself. 
But you know what? 
It took me this long to realize,
I am actually from I am strong enough. 
From you can do this, 
To help everyone through this. 
I am from strength, dedication, and consistency. 
I am from I will help you,
And I've been there before, 
And let me tell you It gets easier.
I am flawlessness. 
I am not the perfect "person", 
I am the perfect me. 
From the beauty in my words, 
To my body trembling at the sight of the most tragic news. 
From every scar on my body,
To every thought in my head. 
I am the perfect me, 
Because of where I am from and where I'm going.
I am from laughs and giggles.
From boys who wanted to be nice.
To two best friends who suck with me through it all.
I am the well liked me, 
Who no one could get enough of.
I am from I tried my best,
And that is enough for me.
I am from a sister who wants to be more like me. 
From an older brother who depends on me.
For a mother who loves me, I am her best friend. 
I am from a stepdad who took the place of my real dad.
From a boyfriend who loves me even though I've been where I've been.
From the nights spent in the emergency room,
To the nights on the mental health side of the hospital. 
I am from I will fix this, 
To how can I help?
To I need you,
I love you, 
I can't live without you,
you are my everything,
you're the best,
you saved my life,
you stopped me from self harming, 
this helped,
I needed that,
are we too young to be in love? 
To I want to grow up and help everyone I can,
I will make it,
I am pretty, 
I am happy,
my body looks great,
I am flawless.
I am beautiful,
I am creative, helpful, and nice.
I am good, I do good and I will be good.
I am I will make the best of it,
To I want to save life's even if it means challenging my own. 
I am flawless simply because I am me, 
And I don't need anyone to tell me that,
And neither do you. 
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