Flight of Fantasy


I believe in fantasy

For this, people say I'm naïve and foolish

No more than a child

And those people are why I believe 

Because they can't all be like this

And yes I have my head in the clouds when my nose is in a book but that's because all of you who live on the ground are so repellent to me

How could one ever be happy with "go to college, get a job, get a house, get a family, and die?"

When I read, I fly, and can you blame me for hating to fall when I have to close the book?

Flying is the wind in your face, stinging so hard you can't keep your eyes open but you dare not close them, your hair lashing behind you so hard you have welts on your back, but it's worth it to soar

Because flying means leaving behind the problems of the ground 

It's the clench of your stomach at some new turn

It's the way your heart leaps in terror and joy simultaneously and sometimes you can't breathe but maybe that's because the view is breathtaking

Sometimes I fly alone, watching the people below act out their tale, and other times I ride a gryphon or a pegasus or a dragon and the rest of the story gets swept under the rug because I either can't take my eyes off them or can't wait for the next scene they appear in

But whatever the story, fantasy is flying and flying is fantastic 

And I have to believe there is something beyond the mundane humdrum of human existence 

So I believe in fantasy 

Sue me, call me a naive, foolish child, maybe I am, but you are a boring, grey adult and I don't want your opinion because if you don't understand my love of fiction you've clearly never flown

So get back to me when you can get your head out of your rear and see the beauty in books for the blessing it is

Yes, fiction is an escape 

From the normal, from the dull, from you

And I'd much rather visit Hogwarts than spend another second listening to you speak so why do you take me holding an open book as a cue that I'm not busy?

Is it really that difficult to just leave me alone?

Excuse you, I'm kind of saving Middle- Earth right now, I'm sure you can kill the spider yourself

So many times I've been yelled at for reading in school, well, pardon me for learning

I already comprehend that the Earth circles the sun, I learned that years before you told me from the thing you ever so rudely yanked out of my grip and I'll tell you what else 

You never taught me what happiness looks like

But they did

So thank you very much for the offer, but I'll suffocate if my feet stay on the ground a moment longer

So kiss me goodbye, I'm heading off to the western sky now!

Yes, I believe in fantasy, because the best part about it is flying

And the worst thing about flying is the knowledge that sooner or later you have to come down

Well, screw the laws of gravity, I never cared much for them anyways

I'll be on cloud 9 instead


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