I felt the raft under my foot,

Below the wood, the water shook.

But even though I felt its shake,

I trusted that it would not break.

But when my raft did sink too low,

I found I could not sail alone.


So for a partner I did wait,

When he came, I did not hesitate.

He tied his raft up next to me,

And we set off, the world to see.

But when we hit the nearest bump,

To my dismay, our raft, it sunk.


So again I went to find,

A partner who could ease my mind.

But filled with fear and walls built high,

I let good people pass me by.

And when I chose, and choose I did,

We broke up by the second bend.


Knowing more, and feeling tall,

Could not keep me from the fall.

He broke my fall, he gave me life,

He emptied my mind and heart of strife.

Instead of a raft, we built a boat,

That holds our sorrows and still will float.



We took the boat out to the sea,

When I lost hope, he inspired me.

We worked together to make it through,

And by the end I surely knew:

He would be there through thick and thin,

For he came when I least expected him.


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