i am not looking for short term
i am looking to be a perennial
where we bloom once
and then again and again
i am looking for forever growing
i am looking to grow with you
the way forests grow
root grasping soil
raw, unaltered flourishing world
the way water flows together
in collateral with the fish
smoothing down all of the sharp edges
of river rocks the color of the earth
i want to continue our journey
into the ocean
exploring coral reefs and the colors of our lives within the depths of undiscovered
i want to evaporate with you
souls pulled from waves and turned to mist
float through the skies as thunderstorms
and hold your hand while we pour from the edge of our atmosphere
landing on the dry landscape of
seemingly never ending deserts
you give me a reason to live
the same way you give flowers
the power to grow in the midst
of sun scorched concrete

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