Run, run, run you hear the coaches yelling,
Crowd going ecstatic but the loudest sound is your inhaling.
Juking left, juking right showing of your moves,
Walter Payton did it so you figure you can do it too.
Running around the edge with a tight grip so there's no fumbling,
You speed up a little because you heard somebody coming.
Blocks coming left and right knocking opponents out,
You’re going to score this play, believe that, there’s no doubt.
Your surrounded, it’s one in front of you what do you do to him?
There is no way around so you have to run through him.
Y’all bump bodies and the crowd goes crazy
A man taps on a woman's shoulder, "excuse me what happened, lady?"
After awhile the team realizes it's the opponent on his knee,
And guess whose still up running? Yes, me.
I score the winning touchdown and my team is so thrilled,
Now our playoff hopes are definitely sealed.
Afterwards a reporter asks, "Congratulations, how do you have that much will? I would surely fall."
And I reply, "I just have a passion for this game we Americans call...Football."

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