The Forbidden Word

What i need is something as beautiful as white gold

The very declaration of this word is quite bold

Now wait, stay with me, though i know i am young

This word is just something that just slips off the tongue

Its meaning is different to everyone's soul

You yearn it no matter how young or how old

It is not learned, you instictively know

How you interpret may change as you grow

It is not finite and has unlimited styles

Ranging from mild, passionate and wild

You recieve it from family or a life long mate

Or a companion whom you were given by fate

Whimsical when it comes and tragic when it leaves

Also the ability to part all the seas

'Tis the architect of faith, hope and peace

The abolisher of fear, pain and grief

Owns the month of february but lives in every season

And can turn the valley of death into the garden of edin

On this desolate island, Will you send me a dove?

The most paramount thing in existence is LOVE

Love, LOVE! What a wonderful thing!

With all the joy and ardency it brings

A step way further than lust and infatuation

With this prodigious power we could unite all the nations

I cannot translate my interpretation to you

That would be like explaining red to the color blue

I could ask for food or shelter or money you see

But love is what's most important to me

Those other frivolous things required to survive

Mean nothing to me if I am dying inside








This poem is about: 
Our world


Scarlet Gold

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