Forever Changed

Wed, 04/30/2014 - 01:10 -- Cici123

If I could have one job
That would change my life
What would it be?

I could be a doctor
A lawyer
Or an astronaut maybe?

I would love the money
The titles
All that is temporary
But what I want is simpler you see

To be honest I haven’t truly decided
But when I think about a certain organization
It makes me excited

Every staff at YFC are truly impactful
They get full of the word of life
So they are able to speak life to the suicidal child
In middle school

Or mentor a teenager who is in juvenile
Who craving for second chance at life

They listen to that elementary child that
Desperately need to be heard

With a prayer
They help heal the wounds of a broken heart
With local resources
They help feed families

They become the hands and feet of Christ
To kids who are searching for a hint of light
Or something to brighten up their day

They dance, they laugh, and play crazy games
With the kids
They know how to get hype
When the time is right

When I look at the faces’ of staffs that have been working
There for five, ten, and twenty plus years
I can see their smile
That radiates with a glory that comes from above
I would love to speak life
And help guide them to the light
And have a smile that shines so bright
And hang out with kids
Because I will always be a cool like that

If I could be a staff at Youth For Christ
I won’t only be change but I can also help bring change
Not a temporary change
But one that last forever


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