Forever Love


I can't tell you to stay by my sude forever,

Because I know that my actions will seperate us one day.

Baby, my darling.

I love you.

My actions are stupid and childish, but please don't leave...

We are a magnet.

On one side we stich together but if one changes the distance is unberable.

Our relationship is like a rollercoaster, and lately we've been down, unable to get back up.

Take a moment to analyze what has been going on, nothing is my or your fault.

But ours, as in We.

I'd never would wish to hurt you, but I know I will.

The arguments are natural,knowing how stubborn we are, we both feel the pain.

But my love, we have good times,every place we've been is full of our memories.

The walks on the park, the adventures in those woods.

It feels like i'll never get tired of you.

I just can't tell you to stay with me forever even though we are not even close to never.



Just thought I'd let you know on the first line I think you spelled 'side' wrong. Other than that it's a really wonderful poem! I enjoyed it a lot. :)

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