Forget About You

People will treat you

The way you allow them to.

So, you should pay close attention

To what others do to and for you.


And note their actions

Say a lot about what they think of you.

Sure there are times where I wish others would make it plain;

Tell me how you feel instead of making me play this guessing game.


But things just don’t work that way.

So, the days go by, anyway,

With me just contemplating the actions that he did and didn’t do that day.

Likewise, I question how he perceives my actions, too.


Am I cool?


Someone worth hanging out with?

Or just another person to try to forget?


The latter seems to be my answer

Since your words are few

And you don’t seem to care as I do.

Our communication just disappears


Like it never existed.

So, I listen to my raging emotions:

One side tells me to be pissed and stop allowing myself to be dissed

While the other encourages second chances again and again.


Man, can a girl get a grip on herself?

Figure out her place in this world.

Have a little confidence and self-respect.

And find someone who wants to talk like real friends do?


I have no idea what to do about you.

I’m trying to read all these clues,

But they just cause me to be more confused.

Days will go by where I won’t see you.


Then out of the blue

You’re sending me something new

3 days in a row.

But still the conversation feels cold.


Nothing worth noting

Except the instances where you ignore my words.

And leave me wondering and hurting.

Just tell me something.


Do you have an ulterior motive?

Will you ever care?

Am I wasting my time?

Please, give me some type of sign.


Oh well, here I am still,

Listening to demi Lovato sing “Stone Cold”

And trying to encourage myself

Not to worry about a dude


Who’s not even thinking about me

Or my words.

But my mind clings to the images of

His face and his hair and that bare skin

That I can’t come in contact with.


Gosh, it sucks thinking about someone

Who wouldn’t give a care about you.

Who forgets everything you said

While his words are stuck in your head.


Guess time really heals all wounds.

Must learn to forget and disappear

Like the pics and words on Snapchat do.

Peace. My turn to forget about you.

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