Forging the Key

I tell myself I don’t need it
That the whole thing’s just a dream
And that there’s no way in heaven
So just leave it to fall back to sleep
But this dream must be on a sugar-high
I can feel it bouncing against the
Inside of my skull
And sending electrical pulses
Through my veins (which probably isn’t healthy)
All the way down to my toes
Like a child at the age of eight
On October 31st
I realize there is no hope for rest
So I’ll give in to this impulse
And speak
“What is your plan?”
The dream speaks back
Eager to begin a journey that has a lock
Without a key
“And that is your job”
Speaks the dream
“Find the key to open up this journey”

I must spend four years at school
With camera in my hand
Blending clips of nonsense
Until the puzzle makes sense

Then excelling in my field will be the
Trickiest of all
Hundreds upon thousands try the leap
Only to fall
But if I leap the distance
Then think of what I’ll be
Enjoying riches to do with
What I please
Whether aiding in saving the planet
Or building the greatest library anyone will have ever seen

Alongside that I’ll travel
Across widespread seas and daring mountains
To every corner of the world
Seeing every culture unfurled
Drinking in the beauty of it all
Whilst doing my favorite job

I pondered this plan
And spoke back to the dream
“Let’s go make that key.”


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