It took a long time to even write this cause the feeling insideI tried to fight it. I was insecure cause I knew you would never like what I would try to say you would never hear it,our relationship was beyond disgracedso i inscribe on the 8 by 11 page with a pen all the times I remember back when it was me you and the crew just sitting chillingmaking jokes in front of the booth making you laugh, the thing I was good at, even in school  then something happened, I guess I started getting distracted now you no longer laughing, perfect world started crackingYou close the door and won't let me back in we started arguing and startedfightingseems like the crack kept widening no longer feeling like Zeus, but more like Poseidondwelling in the depths of the emotional spectrum no heaven just hell, no hint of fun I lashed out, though it was regretted as soon as doneheart crushed like pottery words I said was like an inverse lottery brought more pain than joy it was a highway robberyThose crying eyes, I brought you and your family so much pain I'm sorry, my immaturity pushed you into a different lane forgiveme

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