Forgotten Dream

I did awake in the bitter cold of night,

Sitting up in a bed to look around,

It was dark, black and yet far off in the distance there was a glow,

The light grew and shed a brilliant gold on a silver room


Rising up out of the ground majestic trees stood all around,

Brilliant green fronds waving above me,

Changed the moons light into millions of green emeralds,

My attention was then drawed to the silver hall unveiled before me,

Its furnishings were of fine pottery and carved wood enlayed with gold and silver.

Yet it was not this at which I stared but at the hag who came down the hall,

For in this elegant place I could only see an old hag dressed in rags,

Her hair in a shambles and covered in filthy,

And her shoes in shreds as if she had just walked a very long way.


But lo as I watched as she reached the hall end,

And stepped into my room I saw her clothes and skin fall of her

And underneath was a fair knew being,

An elegant lady dressed as simply

No purple robes and no fine diamonds.

Though they would be fit for one of her stature.

Her skin was dark like the crust of beautifully baked bread,

And her gown of blue, like the moon it’s self, fell loosely to the floor,

She wore no jewelry for her own beauty was enough,

And on her head was a ring of snow.


Then I realized all about the forest it was snowing,

But around her there seemed to be a globe that pushed the snow away.


Yet to my distress as I watched the beautiful figure in her silver forest hall melted away to darkness,

And I was left alone to ponder what I had seen

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