Fountain Pen of Youth


United States
33° 10' 47.8884" N, 96° 41' 45.2184" W

so many voyaged and traveled, in search of immortality
i beat Ponce de Leon and the rest, by discovering my hobby.
when i write i leave ink on a paper and a mark on the world
and even after my heart stops beating my stories will still be told
after my death i will still be living
the lines that i write will still be giving
flowing, dripping and rushing with my essence
and in the scratches i make will live my presence.
my name may not be remembered, my person may not be missed,
but the experience and knowledge i have to offer will forever and always exist.
i write to leave a legacy
to those who will follow me
i write to leave my love of life, emotions of that kind
for someone sometime after me to seek out and to find.
i write what i feel, what i find to be the truth
i write to preserve myself with my Fountain Pen of Youth


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