That four letter word


Wow...i try keeping this four letter word from erupting from my soul. 
The word i promised myself i wouldnt use so much, 
the one that i told myself that if i did use it...
than i would get hurt even more than i already have...
but you make it so hard. 
You make it SO hard for me to keep it from escaping my ever willing lips! 
Every time i see you, i am silent
not because i dont want to speak
but because i am afraid that if i do
than those three little words will slip out.
And so, 
it slips quietly out of my mouth...
i LOVE you. 
This word has been caught in the back of my throat every time we say goodbye, 
every time you look at me, 
and it pushes itself so much that 
i cant help but say the words my heart is so willing to say, 
so willing to just let go and betray my feelings for you. 
But i say it now
and now i just have to wait 
for the response that might come, but might not
but i will take that chance. and so, i say " I love you"


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