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Mr. never really had a real thrill for lies despite the tries leave u stuck-without a motive... 
knowing while u craving---whole time-- things could be amazing,,so instead do we keep blazing? You be Focused like they paid must I be the messenger n pour out for the lost flows,, imaginary had those..lyric off the top hold...  can I have the one with the Little off the top flows..everybody wants to be a rapper, education be the key whole time it is the factor.. we seek what we peep so don't tell us that they lost those ...found with the fossils,, rhyme with a off flow,,mind just blossomed .. Knowledge where it come from.. The truth may be the only thing that tell you wea it come from....Follow with a lead is the way that I precede don't forget about your seed...generations be the key! 
--generation be the key--

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