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So just because I am an African American male, you think I contribute to this violence?
I don’t promote this foolishness.
You think I enjoy watching my brothers and sisters kill each other, fight each other, and steal from each other?
This wasn’t Martin’s dream.
Rosa Parks didn’t stay seated to watch this madness.
My ancestors didn’t fight slavery for us to fight each other.
I don’t periodically imagine myself in a world of peace and unity.
Every day I dream about a time where you won’t have to be afraid to get the mail.
Is it ego that overpowers self-control?
Why do they want trap money over scholarship money?
Are you trying to taunt the image of all African Americans?
Is it self-satisfaction you gain from the provoking of anger, rage, and depression?
You sing lines like “Don’t kill my vibe”, well how about don’t kill my future.
I feel like a magnet; stuck on a cold, solid surface.
Damn this.
I don’t want to have anything to do with the madness.
Free my image.


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