The Freedom of Dance


Off we go, just us two

inside the studio


To free ourselves and simply dance,

to inspire those who desire

to advance

Let us move and carry on

Fuse movement with the music


Let’s axel turn and pirouette

Up on our toes, but we have yet

To make our entrance to the world

Of dance and spins and those who twirl


Let us stretch up to the sky

No more worries, just you and I

Move and move and move, don’t tire

Dance as much as the heart so desires


Release your sadness, sorrow, despair

Enjoy the rhythm in the air

Drop the bass,

And feel it roar

Just forget, forget and ignore


Blissful ignorance is the key

Dance will do that for you and for me

Blend your emotions with the movement

With or without the beat or the music


We’ll bound and leap as if on stage

Our audience would be entranced, amazed

Look out, a place so brightly lit

Possessing us with the music

When all is lost, this art remains

It brings joy to your being,

Through all of the pain.


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