Fresh Optimism



 A young mind consumed,
by the fact that we’re doomed,
from birth to eventual death.
No alternative choice.
No protest, no voice,
learning to savour every breath.

  It’s not often said,
but soon you'll be dead,
not pessimism just cold hard truth.
Whether you’re black or white,
wrong or right,
from Beijing to London to Duluth.

  Some say I’m depressed,
that with death I’m obsessed,
but I dare you to tell me I’m wrong.
But do so with haste,
it’s time you cannot waste,
you’ll be history before too long.

  Don’t jump to conclusions,
I’m under no illusions,
life is a blessing I’m sure.
But on one condition,
you make it your mission,
to live, to laugh and endure.

  So let me depart
with a plea from the heart,
make your shot at this gig unique
Make mistakes and learn,
have fun and in turn,
you’ll say: “c’était magnifique."

  So take yourself down to the party to find all
The girls lost in blues and crackling vinyl
They’ve carved out a poem that made me smile,
which read:

  Don’t weep for your lost
Just rejoice for the living
Take what you need and keep believing
Because life’s meant for living, so live it,
or you’re better off dead.