Friendship is like...

Friendship tastes like a chocolate on Halloween,

A nice, delicious treat.

Friendship tastes like a randomly picked grape,

Maybe sour or maybe sweet.

Friendship tastes like water after a workout,

You better take a seat.


Friendship smells like your home,

After being away for a while.

Friendship smells like Mom’s cooking,

With it’s heavenly style.

Friendship smells like a sweet flower,

That’ll give you a smile.


Friendship looks like a group of people,

With smiles all around.

Friendship looks like a family,

Where you can feel safe and sound.

Friendship looks like held hands,

A Love, soon to be found.


Friendship sounds like music

From your favorite band.

Friendship sounds like a celebration,

With victory at hand.

Friendship sounds like a foreign language,

Only those who know can understand.


Friendship feels like a hot summer’s day,

The warm embrace of the sun.

Friendship feels like a pat on the back,

After a Job Well Done.

Friendship feels like waking up,

Your new life has just begun.

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world
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