I capture via lens

The stories that capture me

Film is immortal


Director to be

To be molded in Cali

A fight to the top


Before the games start

Education is the key

That unlocks all doors


An artistic sense

That is unique and changing

My mind is open


City of angels

A land with no boundaries

To college I go


To be taught my trade

And refine my vital skills

With new found knowledge


I’m my only foe

But the binding chains grow rust

And then turn to dust


Worthy I must prove

So the doubters can rest easy

They have no affect


Film makes me happy

Adventures at every step

A life full of risk


A camera my wand

The magic is infinite

You will soon feel it


Stories so precious

Distractions and life changers

I’m behind the lens


An artistic job

With many spoils and poisons

I’m ready for it.


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