“Have you ever felt like you are capable to do something when people see you aren't capable? What are your plans for this year academically?” Dad asked. I replied, “I look forward to being among the best in my national exams.”


          My dad was very surprised. He cleared his throat and asked me again. I really didn’t know why I answered like that but my inner consciousness could tell me that,”You can.” Everyone was quiet in the house and my mum broke the silence and said “You are my strength and hope, please be serious and work hard.”


          My dad spoke loudly in a harsh way and my heart pumped fast. He said “Don’t waste time--go and study now!” I rushed to my room, thinking about who I was. My sister told me that, “You are better than anyone in this world and unique in your own ways.” She made me strong because she was the only one who noticed that I was capable. I then realised that I should improve.


          I then took the initiative of participating in class, reading lots of novels and watching different documentaries. Whenever the teacher asked a question in class my hand was always raised, and I had the right answers for those questions.This made me feel proud of myself since I had become a conscientious student. And to eliminate my shyness to gain confidence I joined the debate club where I had to give a speech and find solutions on the side I support. I also went for leadership as a parade prefect and would organise the assembly.


          Months later, when the primary national exams were out I was among the best. My father realized the difference I had made and he gave me a huge hug. He realized that I was clever and I was capable of everything. I was even given a certificate for the most improved student at school. My reputation at school changed from the dullest to the most intellectual girl. When I went in secondary I was elected as a Dining Hall prefect whereby I was the one in charge of serving students food and making sure they are satisfied.


           I have grown from the dullest to the cleverest, from shyness to confidence. I am now able to speak in the public and express my feelings.And I find myself enjoying mathematics,physics and chemistry. This is because they open my mind and enable me to think critically.I am now a girl who realised that her dream is for mechanical engineering. I find it most stimulating and allowing me to use my analytical and creative skills to design solutions.


           I am now determined to transform Rwanda’s economy by designing machines for manufacturing industries, increasing exports. Rwanda spends too much on importing products from outside because of our shortage of industries, so I want to design more machines that can produce the products that Rwanda imports in order to decrease the expensive exports.


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