Wed, 01/22/2014 - 15:04 -- amrg3

Just because I say I’m numb; it doesn’t mean your words can’t hurt

Just because I say I’m alone doesn’t mean I don’t like it this way

Just because the stars aren’t showing me the way doesn’t mean I’ll be lost forever

It just means they’re giving me time to draw my own maps

That’s why I have an atlas of the world and astrology patterns traced in my skin

Universes written in simple, straight lines and dreams that never materialized

Fragments of a galaxy that I had all figured out, but then it fractured

So I stand here among broken planets and wait for someone

Maybe Buzz Lightyear, to save the day

But then I realize that’s the importance of life, that I don’t need someone to paste it all back together again

That’s why we have thirty-three bones running down our backs

To support us and mobilize us so we can run

Run from everything that drags you down, and when people try to stop you

You knock them over and you push them away

Because you’re blazing your own path, your own trail

So that one day someone will follow those footsteps because they’re lost

And because at some point, they carved the exact same map in their arm that we did For reasons of their own or reasons just like yours and mine

And we’ll be the lights along their path; because when your own heartbeat fails you

You keep that beat going for the day when someone else’s fails them

So you can be there to stand them up and show them the way

Because you’ve been there all your life, waiting just to point them in the right direction


(copyright 2013 AMRG3)


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