Gang Green


Freedom is damnation,

you're free to do what you please,

but please know first that freedom is not “free”

We live in a country where demise is part of the prize you “earn”

for the sweat and tears you deposited into the bank all these years

You win some then you lose all of what they think they deserve,

Deserving of so much more for manipulation of the poor

to do their dirty work.

Funny how it works.

In their eyes their wealth revives ours,

but they keep their eyes shut,

denying their own greed,

unable to see their reflections.

Green skin poisoned by the green of their wallets,

gang green spreading to the cold stone in their chests.

Yet they feel no pain as ignorance pulses through their veins,

numbing their souls as they are devoured by the greed for green.

The gang green gaining speed, spreading like an epidemic.

A disease in the ones who can afford it.

Eventually nothing's left but the void beneath their skin,

bereft of all emotions.

A country full of treason

by those who were once the reason

for the creation of our constitution.

Now shadowed in the disappointment of those who once looked up

up at the red, white and blue flying high.


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