The Gate


We live in a world of freedom yet hate,
Where all face the gate of the fear for imperfection.
To choose and stay behind this gate,
And let words and actions choose your fate,
Or to go beyond that gate,
With the power of your will by your side,
Even with society,
Forcing you to hide.
Your will to push past those words and actions,
The power to draw  positive reactions.
We live in a world of constant impression,
By the looks and physique of everything and everyone around us,
Avoiding the reality of personality and perfection.
Pictures and media,
Taking away from how we live,
And what we live for.
Editing our bodies and faces and skin,
To impress all of those around us,
The unknown world of society around us. 
More importantly,
We live in a world of strength,
We take our strength to change who we are,
But why not use that strength,
To change society around us,
To stick with who we are,
To stick with what we look like,
To view each other as beautiful individuals,
And more importantly, to be ourselves.
We live in a world of constant decision making.
As we make a post,
Or take a picture,
Send out a message,
We rarely think of the impact we are making.
Especially on ourselves,
Step away from the mask,
And let yourself be free,
Allow the world to see the best in you,
And don't let society change who you want to be.
Change needs to be made.
Imperfection is beauty,
And this concept of being someone you're not,
Is far from perfection. 
This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world
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