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who are we to judge
what others like
who they date
to make fun of them
to bully them
all because of a 3 letter word
aren't we all are gay
really we are
but we just don't know it
homosexuals are considered gay
only in the eyes of the straight
but in the eyes of the homosexuals
they are straight
heterosexuals areconsidered straight
in the eyes of other heterosexuals
but they are also considered gay
gay in the eyes of the homosexuals
what is gay?
gay is a way of life
either you can live by it or not
just dont judge others who live by this way of life


Aubrie Smith

While the sentiment is wonderful, to not judge others for their sexual identities and practices, this poem is problematic in its terminology. "Gay" is synonymous with "homosexual" in this poem, so to say that straight people are "gay" in the eyes of homosexuals is incorrect. Perhaps a better use would be "different" or "unusual," or perhaps "queer" (though this is problematic as well, as "queer" means non-normative). Regardless, as a self-identified lesbian I appreciate your intentions with this poem. Keep writing :)


thank you

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