Mon, 05/26/2014 - 03:31 -- ummah


I used to think that your incompetence was amusing and that it brought out your inner beauty and set us apart from every other race. But that all changed now that us African American children have become the true definition of statistics of today


But hey, we are only human and mistakes have been sewn into our biology and because we are four shades darker it has changed their whole philosophy and ideology about who we really are. And we just play along because our confidence has not peeked enough to show us our role. You see, we stay the puppeteers while they play the puppet casters; because we speak slave and they speak slave master. Cuz it obviously doesn’t matter who died to give us this privilege.


I mean all we’ve ever done is taken a back seat on this bus. I didn’t write the poem for me, I wrote it for us. And when I say this bus I mean this life because my people have done nothing but waited for the struggle to come and die inside only because we are to afraid and unsure of overcoming that break through, when you need to realize that the change begins with you and only you my friend. So stand up, do that 180, and change your life plans and say that it’s only because-


I know I can, I know I can, be what I wanna be. Because for the ones that want to be better education just seems to be the key to escape from this place on earth, or maybe it’s just in the United States. So how about we pick up that can of Lysol (or your preferred choice of glade) and spray away all the diseased pesticides who do nothing but hate on our lifestyle cuz they ain’t got it like us. Spray away all the ones that do nothing but fall to the fear of peer pressure. Spray away all of the crooks and the robbers that we have seen on every corner; they make us walk faster; they make us think of locked doors; they are the prostitutes and crack whores sitting across the street at the ABC Liquor Store.


They are the ones who claim to be gangsters then paint the pavement red. They are the chicks that hide their souls in between their legs, catch aids, and become grave deep you see. It’s not y’all I’m worried about; it’s my future that concerns me. I don’t want it lost in the slanting chasm of this busy concrete where sharp eyes weigh down rich pockets from a distance and where heavy sisters weigh down the white bricks of the pavement and where deacons, preachers, saints, and Sunday school teachers cheat each other with a few hallelujahs and amens.


I’m just saying, my brothers and sisters when will we get together? Is it when earth is condemned and we all sitting in hell? When our girls become sex pawns and our boys are chilling in jail? Or maybe when our mothers die of heart break and our fathers are gunned down and pronounced dead?


I’m just saying, my brothers and sisters stop playing yourself, be you and no one else. Don’t sway your hips and sag your pants. do it right cuz in this life you only get one chance; jogging ten steps backwards while your life makes like track & field and run passes you. And please understand that I am not here to chastise, harass, or pastor you into this new religion that we call education. I am just here to give a helping hand in the right direction so that you can see not only your future consequences, but the ones of the upcoming generation.


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