Gentle Kisses

Dear Depression,


You made hospitals feel like home,

And home feel like hell.

You took an innocent little girl,

And made her a troublesome teen.


You ruined my idea of love,

You taught me not to trust,

Not to get close,

But yet, you wanted me to be close,

Close to you.


I do not love you.

Not anymore.

Sometimes I think I do,

But then I realize you have hurt me,

More than anyone else ever has or ever will.


You burned holes in my skin

Like they were gentle kisses

You cut me, all over my body,

Called me fat,

Called me ugly,


But never once told me,

That I was strong.

That I am strong.


-You don’t own me anymore

This poem is about: 



This poem is about me and my battle with depression


This is about my battle with depression and overcoming it.

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