Get Over Yourself and Do It

I sat down to write with just one task, it was quite clear:

That all I had to do tonight was write about my fear

Though this may seem quite easy, it is not, I can attest

We’ll start then, with my desire to be better than the rest

This first one is simple enough to write, as I begin my tale here

In fewest words, I am just really terrified of failure

I’m not quite sure where it began- early, to say the least

At any rate, it’s far too late for me to slay the beast

“Just get up and try again,” you cry, “No need to be so meek!”

But it isn’t so, I turn to go, too terrified to speak

I’ve so much locked inside me, just waiting to be said

But though I try to let them fly, the words fall flat and dead

This insecurity is crippling, there’s nothing else to do

If failure is my greatest fear, this is surely number two

Perhaps these two are intertwined, just one fear after all

It hardly matters, at any rate, it’s left me feeling small

At night I lie awake and despair of my aberration

To picture me as normal is just too great of a temptation

I think of all the ways that I could benefit humanity

But this lost dream rips at the seams, chips away at my sanity

It’s much too hard then to be brave, really, I should just quit

But tonight, it will be enough I think, just to click submit

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