Ghetto love


United States
29° 32' 20.2776" N, 98° 25' 26.0616" W

the hand me down shoes never fit me in the first place
ashamed of where im from so i lie about my birth place
welcome to the ghetto cant you hear the sounds
gun shots, water dripping from the roof into pots,
glasses that shatter, ocasional luaghter,
angry dogs that hawl, and the hungry stomachs that grawl
my house is small it consists of eight people, two bedrooms, and four walls
you said the ice cream truck i didnt know we still had one we havent paid this months rent
or the last one
my beds on the floor i allways get cramps
i heard mama crying last night because they cut the food stamps
yeah i know we dont got much
cant eat too much at dinner cuase thats gonna be lunch
yes i know my car dont look like yours
but it moves around and still got four doors
yes i know i aint in the suburbs with a view form above
im in the ghetto and everything about it i still love

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