The Gift in Life is to Save a Life

The people bursting through the hospital doors,


Yelling blood pressures, heartbeats per minute, and conditions.


The rush of adrenaline running through my body,


I realize that time is ticking.




The heartbeat starts getting faster— tachycardiac.


Think fast, I start telling myself.


I begin yelling at the nurses, but before I can,


The heartbeat stops; flatline.




Oh no, now what? Defibrillating.


“Charging to 300 . . . Clear!”


The body jumps in a jolting motion;


The heart begins beating again.




Blood pressures are beginning to return to normal,


Body temperature at 97.8 degrees fahrenheit.


Heart rate at 74 beats per minute.


Success, I tell myself.




I take a deep breath,


and move on to the next trauma room.




The child laying in the bed,


her entire body covered in bruises and cuts.


To check for internal bleeding,


I take her in to get a CT scan.


The child is bleeding internally in her stomach,


Sh*t, she needs a surgery.



I start scrubbing my arms and all the way up my elbows.

Going through the doors, my hands still wet,

Waiting for the nurses to hand me a towel.


Pulling the gloves over the cuffs of my gown,

I approach the girl lying on the table.


I begin cutting vertically and sagittally across the abdomen.


Using the forceps, I carefully take the clots out from the lining of the stomach.



I catch my breath by sighing with relief.


Walking out the trauma and surgery rooms,


I see the families worrying about their children,


their husbands, wives, grandparents, aunts, and uncles.





I have more than one patient— multiple families, to attend.


Many of them begin sobbing as I tell them what had happened,


Those families are unfortunate with losses.





The adrenaline I get from seeing each patient.

The feeling I get when a heart begins beating again,

The smiles on a patient’s face when they awaken from a coma or surgery,

Are just a few of the many things that could change my life forever.


One job, not only can change my own life but another’s

That job, is to become a surgeon;

To save a life.



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