That Girl


You would think I would be smart enough to stop ,

smart enough to stop putting myself in the same shit that I say I won't , 

Smart enough that I would realize that I'm the one hurting , not them .

I must be real dumb .

Dumb enough to keep giving my heart away like a free for all

Dumb enough to open my heart again and again like something is going to change .

Maybe I should change . 

Maybe I should close myself off become a bitch 

Maybe I should hang a sign around my neck , " If your coming just for some ass turn the other way because it wont be from me"

I am not some peice of meat that you can come beat with your seasoning . 

I am not left overs that you put in your refridgerator for your liking 

I am not your call in the middle of the night because your drunk and horny . 

I'm not that girl  and I will never be that girl . 

I know who I am , I'm not going to change . 

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