Girl Named Shea

Once upon a time there was a girl named Shea;
She was sweet and happy and had lots to say.

One day she was prancing through the forest so gay;
A troll rolled its eyes, “here she is again on this day”.

To rid itself of the sight of the excessively happy stray;
He wickedly smiled and offered her a tray.

The tray was filled with fast foods and like a bird of prey;
She ate like she was starving and on an extended holiday.

Her belly began to swell her belt then gave away;
In mid chew her eyes rolled back and backwards she lay.

Asleep she remains the now quite girl named Shea;
Did the troll use poison or sweet treats’ natural doomsday?

The troll’s quite forest returned as they took her way;
The authorizes are still investigating if there really was foul play. 

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My country
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