I appreciate to be writing freely

Because now I can describe my life

I come from a small town without much money

And my family would be better of without this strife


When I was middle-aged boy

I used to be overweight

Struggling with calories as well as education

Oh the day for a change was just a wait


I wanted to be treated fair

I just wanted to fit in

In a world as cruel as this

I had motivation to become thin


With hard work and motivation

I completed a life changing goal

Now being a teacher in something beneficial

I can help set a better role


Now part two would be my education

It didn't come that easy

I had a 0.50 GPA my freshman year

At that time, there was no reason for me to be cheesy


I emancipated and was forced to become an adult one day

I will never regret that decision

AchIeving a 4.33 GPA my senior year

My future was then set for a brighter vision


WIth hard work, I am now very grateful and humble

The experience from bottom to top was simply awesome

I did not fall in that failure pit, as people would say

But my personality is set to help everyone in that pit blossom

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