God bless

I say
God bless you
God bless me
God bless us
God bless any living soul
But they say God bless America
Why not bless the world as a whole
God bless only America, 
So does that mean God exits only in America
I don't think so
I think the saying is unfair 
And I think Some people just don't care
We say God bless America 
but now hearing God bless a single person is rare
Is the rest of the world not good enough to be blessed?
Or are we only blessing those who are stressed
See other countries don't know stress, they live their lives as test
As long as they're passing they could care less for the rest
We complain about not haven the latest shoes or the newest hat
When other countries pray to get food and wish they could get fat
It's unfair that those born in a home that contained a roof
Watched as a war made all their belongings go poof
Why not bless the world since we wanna dig our way into other peoples pit
Why not bless the world since we can't end it
They say God bless America but I say America's been blessed one two many times
These are not just rhymes these are lines that contain meanings that we can't seem to find
So God bless you God bless me God bless us
Not just america because  that's unjust
We all bleed the same color
And we should learn to love one another
I don't need to walk around saying I love you
Let me say something more powerful like God bless me AND you
God bless you today tomorrow and the next day
I pray God blesses America but I pray he blesses the world in the same way
Before America before your country and before mines this was a world
And I think we've forgotten that we all have skin
We all have a heart,veins and blood within
And I think we all seem to forget that we all Sin
I don't care where you're from or where you reside
We all need the blessings, we all need the right the direction and a guide
So Yes God bless America but 
God bless you
God bless me
God bless the new problems and the old
God bless us
God bless this world as a whole~Mona


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