Gods Are Whispering Inside of Me


He looked at me with his somber eyes

And gave me a handful of lies.

The truth sat in the shadows wearing an ugly disguise

I couldn’t stop my heart as it began to cry.

I had never felt an earthquake hit quite like this

His words left me shaking,

My vision red and hazy.

There was smoke forming in my lungs

And there was sulfur in my blood.

I burned like the match I held to my thigh.

My heart was once so soft and lovely dripping with the ecstasy of a high.

I had held my heart out to him

And let him feast on it.

I am faded.

Everything is tilted and my eyes are seeing fumes.

Can’t stand up there is nothing I can do.

The smoke moves my hands

My words burn themselves onto this paper.


The crystal ball breaks
And my third eye bleeds.
I know I need to be strong and move on
The gods are whispering inside of me.
There’s a storm on the brink
There’s this surge inside me
And I’m scared
But so should they be.
I’ve got an ocean inside of me.
It drowns and it sings.
It’s got lungs of its own
They grow like trees.
And I don’t have much room for destiny
Because when I move the earthquakes
And when I cry
The heavens break
Honey this heart of mine is a power of its own
Watch the heavens bleed
I feel things too deep inside of me
The pain, it brings forth is the power that makes me a dangerous force

there’s something inside of me
It’s not as divine,
No, it’s terribly raw.
Looking for heaven in the eyes of a song.
It seems like I’ve played the final melody
And this thing that’s inside of me,
Growing stronger than ever before.
The lights flicker.
Open the door.


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