Gods Failed Plan

Drake said it best,

The only thing I love is my bed and my Mama.

I strongly believe in Karma,

Whatever you do wrong too others will come back to harm ya.

It was suppose to be Gods plan,

But he turned to a failed man.

With no Mother beside him,

He looks up to God like, Help Man.

But the Devil is also on his back.

He fucked up my future with men and that's that.

Sad story,

Poor Lexy

Fuck the sympathy,

Pass the Hennesy,

Get a glimpse of me

And see more clearly.

All these bitches steady tempting me,

Back in high school use to bully me.

Ha , Look at me now

They begging to get through to me.

Trynna say you knew me,

Bitch , Last I heard you outgrew me.

Never thought that poetry could turn to rap,

Then again lyrics are just words we let out when we feel trapped.

A life of isolation,

Has caused me social anticipation,

Anxiety and depression issues,

Please somebody pass the fucking tissues.

Because my heart won't stop crying and my mind won't stop dyin,

Everyday is a battle of surviving.

The only thing I've known my whole life is rhyming.

Maybe one day I'll find the right woman,

I just need the right timing.

My Ex really fucked my head up,

Please I don't need you to chime in.

Yea I miss her but I'm not goin back,

Still got memories of her chokin me from the back.

Vision gettin blurry,

Goin to the doctor been a slack.

One inch closer and I would've lost my right eye

And I swear that bitch would have died.

Shit was traumatic for me,

Opened up my eye's and painted a picture for me.

Sometimes when your in love,

It gets hard to see,

Blinded by the good in someone,

You see past the bad,

Then when it doesn't last,

You turn around and be mad.



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