God's perfection of knowledge in men

Thank You Lord

for Being in me

Being with me

You've known me all this time

You know my sitting down in laying to rest

You know my rising up exalting Your Name

You understand my thoughts can be afar off

i have You in my life, i need You

You comprehend my path where i follow Your lead 

be obedient to You

You understand my lying down 

and are acquainted in all my thoughts

for there are words that's indescribable at the root of my tongue

Lord you syncronize my ideas without me saying anything

You have been with me before and after

You laid your hands upon me

such knowledge is too magnifying for me to digest 

wonderful for me to know more about You

it is high i cannot attain it

where am i going with Your Mighty Spirit?

i know where i want to go

if i ascend to heaven, a place that represents a strong tower

You're be there

if i make my bed in hell, behold that You're there

if i take those wings and glide in the uttermost parts of the sea

wherever i go, Your Mighty Right Hand shall lead me

to the promise land

if i ever say to you that i'm in the dark

You will take me out of darknesss and come into Your wonderful light

the darkness will never hide from you

the night shines as the day

darkness and light are both alike that they shine on me

as You created me as a life form in my mother's womb

I will someday know who You are

i'm graciously thankful that i got to know You before it was too late

marvelous are your genuis works

that You supply an additional reinforcement of the Holy Spirit to talk to my soul

my frame was not to hide from you

i just didn't know at the time who are You

when i was made in misleads

and skillfully build me as the perfect image in man that glorifies You

in the lowest parts of the earth

Your eyes saw my substances, yet unaware

Your book is truthfully written with precision

the days progresses as i started growing up

how precious are Your thoughts You minister to me

how great is the sum?

it will add more than the actual numbers itself

every time i'm awake

i graciously say thank You for awakening me

as i walk in the valley of the shadows od death

You slay all forms of wickedness

depart from me you feenin bloodthirty dudes

they speak against You wickedly with hate

the enemies speak Your name in vain

should i hate them? 

i should

that's not how You want me to be

fill my heart with love, joy, patience, kindness, self-control

if i ever behave wickedly

i ask You in the blood of Jesus You shed

cleanse me of my sins and rebuke my wicked ways

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