Golden Child

Tue, 03/03/2015 - 21:10 -- Nnyla B


I am a child of the sun, kissed to a golden caress of honey skin, shining bright on the outside from the light within

I am the bird that flies without limitation through the endless sky, filled with the light blue hue of my aspirations

I am the soft heart; the manifestation of pure kindness and innocence of the spirit

The hand that longs to dry away the tears of the pained, and replace their angst with the remedy of happiness

I am the leader, the momentum towards success, the grateful, the loving-ME-for-ME persona 


I am ME

I am ME

I am ME


Yet I am also the dark side of my attributes

I am the irresolute, wavering between the fate marked by the difference between "certain" and "maybe"

I am the short-tempered; the spew of chaotic emotions resulting in words said without thought or substance

I am the mark of vengeance and the skeptic of the presence of  "real love" in my generation

The victim and assailant of the misused phrase "I love you"; the cold of bitterness 


Yet I am ME

I am ME

I will only be ME


This is #NoFillyME

The treasure illuminated by the beauty of being unique

Illuminated by the love of self  and the image I have been created to fit

I am the true acceptance of self, the self shown without the alteration of character

I am the hide-no-more open embrace to reality 


I am ME

I am ME

I am ME

And I am truly proud to say I can accept ME without any Filly


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Grant-Grey Porter Hawk Guda

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