The Golden Flowers

Her roots grew through overused soil and an opaque sky.

Her leaves fell off occasionally and only had a few left.

She was never looked at, or picked out, not like the colorful ones around her.

The ones with long leaves, colorful petals,  and rich soil.

The hate they gave filled her stamen with hurt and fear.


The sky cleared and the sun came out.

He was pleasing and effective.

He nurtured her and made her feel beautiful.

Her leaves stayed the same, but this time she accepted them.

Her dark petals stayed the same, but this time she accepted them.

Her stamen was filled with courage and confidence, and for once she felt accepted.


The sky turned Red, the clouds turned White, and the water turned opaque Blue.

They feared the robust sun, they feared a strong dark flower, and her rich soil.

They destroyed her Bright sun, they took away her hope – like nothing.

The hate they give, filled her heart with exasperation, and sage.


Her roots grew once more, but this time sturdy and firm.

Her petals turned Gold, she outshined the others.

Her stamen filled with awareness and power.

Of course they hate her, of course they feared her and her sun.

She is unique, she is lively, and vivacious.


She is a beautiful flower who has all the same parts as the rest of us.

The hate you gave won’t affect her anymore.

The hate you continue to give, is worthless to the beautiful gold flowers in God’s garden.

The Golden Flowers are surpassing your hate.

The hate you give will stop today.


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