I used to play dress-up

And not on Halloween

During the middle of the summer

And run and scream

Into the backyard, where the sandbox lied

I remember sitting dazzled inside

The sun seemed so bright

On island time, but in a small Pennsylvanian town

No worries, cares or Donald Trump’s insight

Fast forward 18 years

Cue a bad high school heartbreak

Friends who tried to share advice, but weren’t always quit right

Cue my first day in college

Shooing my parents away

Cue my own heartbreak

They only wanted to be there for me

Cue quitting my first job at 23 because I didn’t see a purpose in the work I was carrying out

The only ones there for me, were those I shooed away on my first day

Cue pursuing my passion for helping others … with a social work master’s degree

Life is a gradual state of learning

Happening at the right time, for me


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