The Grand Forest

These poems are a forest,
Surrounding me with comfort.

Some far places are dark.
There, I find it hard to go.
Other places are as larks,
And the words are ready to flow.
Each tree, a familiar face.
One leave, one word well chosen.
Each one's a rose an' woes an'
Part of me.

Here, I cry,
And they all understand.
Here, I can't lie.
They all understand.
Here nothing is hidden.
We all understand.
We are one.
We know us.
This is the band that binds us together,
Making this a friendly us.
Our roots are entwined,
And through this we find
That we are one poem
With many different parts.
If one tree flourishes,
and another dies because,
What good has been done
to this freely cultured poem.
Encourage free expression,
Exhibit kind exclamation.
Even in your ending,
Echo joy in every tone.
This forest is most beautiful,
When every part is free.
This poem is most impactful,
When the divisions finally cease.

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Our world
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