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They say live a little
why your such a grandma i hear
cus' I wana do homework
Instead of smoke
cus' I wana purchase
Instead of steal
cus' I rather learn
Instead of play
cus' I listen
Instead of just hearing
They try to perish my thoughts, my dreams, my hopes, my goals
I refuse to let the ignorance overtake my soul
so let me be,
a grandma i hear

Smoking, Drinking, Partying, sex is only temporarily fun
Whats next?
jail time
crying cus you ain't got no bill money
crying cus your baby's father ain't helping

I'm living for the future, of where god might take me
i'm in the mist of Satan's presents

"Hit this blunt"

"Hit this mild"


Different voices conveying from every direction in Satan's tunnel
"teachers pet"

it continues...



The voices continues to echo in my soul
Fighting me, kicking me, screaming at me

you wont break me down,
eventually the sun will glow and Ill see the light
Yes ima grandma you see, wise and plays everything by the rules

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Most people doesn't understand how hard it is to live in my community

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