The Great Opposition


United States
39° 3' 48.384" N, 78° 12' 48.366" W

This wood covers me with deceiving mist,
"Clarity", it yells, "Can not possibly exist!"
Struggling, I wander, search, and fight
Desperately looking for a ray of Light.
Dark and suffocating, this wood surrounds me
With a scheming fog cloaking every tree.
Winding paths lead to its center and the wind breathes lies and deception,
A cry for help escapes my lips, lest I succumb to the murky infection.
The trees loom over to crush me and thorns tear at my face,
I stumble in the darkness and my begins to race.
Vines imprison me and strike terror into my heart,
I tear at my merciless captors until, mysteriously, they depart.
The wind, all this time shouting, suddenly stops,
Horrified, I witness dark figures descending from the tree tops.
Their torturous voices seize and shake my weakened frame,
I hear the voice of their leader, the Dark one, calling out my name.
Trembling in his presence, I collapse upon the ground,
Now my captors are laughing, these malicious figures all around.
With a blood curdling cry, the Dark One mocks me; aiming an arrow at my heart,
I struggle within my soul to flee, but my will allows for no depart.
As the enemy pulls back his weapon, my eyes shift to the murky skies,
As I scream desperately for rescue, a Light suddenly blinds my eyes.
The figures screech around me and I can sense their fear,
For something glowing behind me, they can't stand to be near.
Still, the leader stands in front of me, arrow ready
But now the Shining figure separates us and my heart becomes more steady.
The Dark One glares, his fiery gazed positioned on the accused
Yet the Light stands in front of me, unshaken and unmoved.
With a smirk, the leader releases the arrow, and his screeching figures follow
I scream in horror as they pierce the one who sought to save my soul so hollow.
I look on in shock and wonder how could this Light suffer so for one as despicable as me?
As the blood gushes from His wounds, the Dark one and his figures laugh disgustingly.
But as the blood sheds more, the brighter the light becomes
And the leader now shakes violently, not knowing which way to run.
To bright to look upon, the Shining one stretches out His arms and stands His ground to protect me
The Despicable one cowers before the Light and attempts to hide hopelessly.
Down on the ground, he squirms like snake
His plan had been foiled, my life, he did not take.
When he disappears, the Shinning figure turns to me, eyes full of love
He had heard my cry from His city, for me, he left his home above.
He lifts me into His arms and carries me away from my past
In the blood of the Light, I found clarity at last!


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