Grow Up

Yay your walking

Yay you can shit on your own

Yay you can do your ABC's

Yay you can read

Do you know how to do this math problem?

Do you know every capital?

Do you know every contenent?

Do you know how to fix this sentance?

Have you made friends?

Have you signed up for classes?

Have you turned in your paper?

Have you contacted that teacher?

OMG you are graduating high school

OMG you are going to college

OMG you drink

OMG you smoke weed

How are classes?

How is calculus?

How is your research paper?

How is the dinning hall?

Did you find an internship?

Did you apply for graduation?

Did you send out your resume?

Did you apply to that job?


Have you learned anything? 


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