To Grow and Remain


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How do you knit a broken heart?

Cause you got me thinking.

That you’re the only reason.

I’m willing to give up my whole world,

Just for the chance to be next to you.

Cause when it’s warm, I’m reminded,

of every time we kissed and hugged.

And laughed at all those calls,

to long lost friends,

now they’re gone.

And I can’t say

From the state I’m in,

Or even stay.

Where do I begin?

You changed my life,

and I changed yours.

Though you were rich,

and I was poor.

Your parents took me in,

But I wish I knew then what I know now.

About my stance,

here around these flowers

that I’ve been telling stories too.

But the only difference between the stories

Is I don’t have you.

But I swear that I was true.

This was all just a big misunderstanding.

And if I could rewrite everything.

I’d write it so you had me,

and I had you,

and all the crazy things we used to do.

So all I’m asking,

again, and again,

Is for another shot,

to fix your heart.

And make all of our dreams come true.

Because I can’t do it without you.

I just don’t understand.

How you could feel nothing;

when this all feels so real;

I wanted to be the one to steal your heart;

But I just got off on the wrong start.

And it might be a year or two late.

But someday, baby,

this Romeo is gonna graduate.

From King’s.

Once I’ve sorted out some things.


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