Guilty Wings

(poems go here) I walked through the sparse forest, dying trees littered about.
I could feel the tearing on my flesh,
Skin struggling against the opening.
Grey feathers burst out,
giving way to the burden of
wings that I saw were coming

Destiny awaited me, and my past pursued
I stumbled through the dim arena,
yet blinded by the moonlight
A lost bird with broken wings, I walked on
Unsure of where the path would guide me, or where I would end
But these wings kept pushing, and I kept moving

I could feel the magnetic pull
Did not know where it would lead
But fear held no place in my heart,
Making space of self-grace
Why I was running, I did not know
These devilish wings weighed me down

Hoping to fly without contempt
Seemed like impossibility, so deep

Slippery feet only got me so far
Wet ground made me fall too deep
With broken gravel, into a deep abyss I went
No branch or rope or hand would let me grasp
So alone, at long last and much needed
Plunging deeper into the unknown

These wings unexpectedly gained strength
With the bottom reaching nearer
An angel took flight
and vanished into the sky.

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