The Hammer and the Nail

- The hammer and the nail, - Was a match made in heaven. - Or so the seven tacks thought. - For their heaven wasn't a haven. - Day in and day out, - The hammer was up and about. - Night out and night in the nail was beaten like a sin. - Did you even hear them, - Fussing in their little toolbox. - The nail receding to her corner, - While the hammer pounces like a fox. - Or did I ever tell you the tale, - About the hammer and the nail. - Their love his word, - Their kids her world. - As you can probably tell, - They can go hand in hand. - The hammer creates the impact, - While the nail creates the stand. - Every two or three weeks, - The carpenter would come and seek. - For the hammer to take away, -So that the nail would not have to pay. -But whenever he came searching, - The hammer would run and hide. - And the nail so sweet and brittle, - Would cover for his cowardly hide. - And the tacks continued to look upon, - The chaos that was being done. - The helplessness that they felt was true, - For no one had a clue, only they really knew. - No one tried to put two and two together, - Maybe if we had we could've saved her. - They said that ignorance was his bliss, - And that nightwas her last motherly kiss. - And I would remember her eyes, - So sad and beautiful. - And I would remember her smile, - So bright and wonderful. - The love she sings, - The joy she brings. - The pain that lasts, - The cruelty he casts. - And I would remember his eyes, - So dark and uncaring. - And I would remember his smile, - So cruel and daring. - And then there was no more, - For she took all that she could bore. - So that night she gave in, - To the soothing dreams of heaven. - The raindrops were heavy, - For the loss was great. - The pain was all consuming, - It was magnified by eight. - I guess I didn't realize, - What I was seeing with my eyes. - Was something that shouldn't be, - Not in anyone's family. - So I have learned a lesson, - The importance of being strong. - And to stand up against anyone, - That does another wrong.

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